Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Extreme Media Server - Insanity Begins...

Face it - you're a little crazy. Frankly, you wouldn’t be reading this if you weren’t. Normal people don’t build, or think of building a 90TB Media Storage Server just for the fun it. Except for you and me that is… so buckle up and over the next couple weeks we’ll go on a journey to build the biggest, boldest Most Extreme Media Server (EMS) ever.

When we're done, you’ll have everything you need to build your own 90TB EMS that runs on only 200 Watts! Yep, that’s right, just 200 Watts for 90TBs of storage. That's about the same power usage as a XBOX 360 or Playstation 3 uses!

Be forewarned, this isn’t for those people who are happy hanging a USB Drive off their system. Frankly, this setup is overkill, over the top and borderline insane – yep, just my kind of project (and hopefully yours, too)…

Now sit back and enjoy the ride.


  1. I'm anxious to read about the rest of your build!
    Backblaze has certainly set the bar with their PODs.

  2. im...actually slack jawed and drooling at the thought...gimmie gimmie gimmie

  3. Where did you get the 9 - 5-Port SATA Backplanes with Integrated Port Multipliers?